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This website celebrates the unique heritage of Bay View, a Chautauqua on Lake Michigan’s Little Traverse Bay. On these pages, you’ll also find news and opinion about the challenges facing our community as we seek answers to the hard questions surrounding Bay View’s current membership practices.

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This Boys and Girls Club participant quote says a lot about who we must be

8/14/2013 Open letter to the Bay View Board of Trustees
At today’s Board of Trustees meeting this letter was presented to the BOT requesting they take on a leadership role in the move towards a By-Law change that allows for people on more diverse faith journeys to be a part of our community.

8/8/2013 Petoskey News-Review Article on Bay View Election Results  The Petoskey News-Review published as article in today’s paper on this year’s Bay View membership vote results.  The article can be found using the headline above.

8/3/2013 – Election Results  – Two of three supportive candidates elected and By Law Amendment gains simple majority of the vote.  See details by selecting the headline in Blue above.

8/2/2013 – Methodist Church – Western Michigan conference response to diversity acceptance question.  A question posed to the Methodist Church elicited a response which says a lot about how we should be accepting people on diverse faith journeys.  Select the link above to see the texts of the letter and response.

7/25/2013 – Bay View Clergy Urge a YES vote on the inclusiveness amendment  In a letter published this morning, 15 Bay View Clergy members signed a joint  statement uging a YES vote on the inclusiveness amendment.  For more, click on the headline above.

 7/25/2013  The Facts on this IssueOver the past two weeks Bay View members have received a number of communications from a group of members who call themselves the Heritage Alliance.  These communications present information as factual that is misleading and in many cases inaccurate.  This fact sheet will clarify those misstatements and are all supported by documentation from public records.

7/19/2013 A Letter to Bay View Members- This summer a modified proposal for amending the Bay VIew Bylaws is being put forth for vote by the membership.  There are a number of reasons for voting for this proposal, not the least of which is that current practices not only restrict Bay View to our neighbors of different faiths, but also prevent more than 50% of Christians who are not currently affiliated with a formal church community from qualifying for membership in this community.  For more information click on the title line above. See the 7/13 post (link below) for more details and to review the actual proposal that will be voted on.

Friends of the Bay View Chautauqua have proposed an Amendment to the Bay View By- Laws

A By-Law Amendment has been proposed that is positive and true to our past, faithful to the vision of our founders and will not change the Bay View you know and love. For more on this important development, including a look at the proposal as submitted, click the  link above.

7/11/2013 –   Legality and Risk – 2013 Update  Recent Legal Opinions Assess Bay View’s Restrictive Membership Requirements with respect to Property Ownership in Bay View

6-6-2013…BV MEMBERSHIP POLICY REPORT, JUNE 2013:  Attorney warns that delays, misinformation and reliance on Becket Fund opinion may put individual BOT members and community at serious fiduciary risk.  The Report updates the campaign to bring the Bay View membershippolicies into compliance with Chautauqua traditions, federal and state Fair Housing laws and the policies of the United Methodist Church  (access Here)

The stately pillars of Bay View’s Hall Auditorium symbolize the Four Pillars on which programming and community life in this historic summer enclave are based—Education, Religion, Performing Arts and Recreation. Founded in 1875, Bay View is one of 14 members of the Chautauqua Network.

This blog-style website was created to celebrate Bay View’s historic Chautauqua roots and encourage community-wide exchange of ideas. Friends of the Bay View Chautauqua encourage active engagement and dialogue about our future as a Chautauqua community. We do this in the spirit of Christian love and acceptance of all to God’s kingdom.

Bay View is and should remain a Christian community, but one that welcomes to full membership all men and women who have a desire to be part of a community such as this, and are willing to perpetuate its traditional pillars of religion, education, performing arts and recreation.


This website is not the official website of the Bay View Association. For more information about Bay View events, classes,  and recreational activities, visit bayviewassociation.org.

Chautauqua “is the most American thing in America”
Theodore Roosevelt


Shown from left in the panorama:  part of the historic Bay View campus including Women’s Council, Bookstore/Secretary’s office and Speakers’ Platform (now Museums), Epworth Hall (faculty housing), Hitchcock (Festival rehearsal rooms) and Hall Auditorium.

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